In the cellars, we want the intervention of the winemaker to be the most discreet possible. Our philosophy is not to highlight the winemaker's leg but to express incomparable terroirs, to extract all the qualities of our wonderful Lavaux climates. In winemaking, our main objective is to produce balanced wines, accessible from their youth but capable of revealing another dimension after 2 to 3 years of aging.

Whatever the level of appellation, we seek for our white wines the balance between power and freshness while preserving the minerality that suits Chasselas so well. After manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed in whole bunches and then, for the red grape varieties, after a light settling, they are sung in oak barrels in which fermentation and aging will take place. Fermentations are made by native yeasts. We do not use batonnage to prevent premature aging. The richness of our vines and our terroirs allows to produce wines associating roundness and tension and to satisfy the most informed amateurs.

Like our white wines, our red wines are harvested by hand. Depending on the vintage and the sanitary state of the crop, we choose to scratch the berries or keep the whole harvest. During the 3 to 4 weeks of vatting, we allow the fermentation to be done intervening at minimum. Each year, the indigenous yeasts (naturally present on the grapes) offering a different work profile, we leave to preserve the typicality of the vintage. We prefer a gentle extraction by adjusting the number of pigeages and reassemblies according to the vintage and vintages. Our red wines are then aged for at least 18 months in oak barrels.

Here again, our goal is to adapt our choices to terroirs and vintages. Also, we use different coopers and the choice of the barrel is guided by "the capacity of the wine to digest the wood". We do not seek to produce woody wines but balanced wines, wines that can be drunk at will but which, over time, reveal all their complexity.