In good epicurean that you are, you want to guide your next trip to wine tourism? Set your sights on Lavaux!

Explore one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world suspended between sky and lake. Whatever the starting point, the questions and details to be observed will amaze even connoisseurs of these terraced vineyards, listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Spread between 375 m and 620 m above sea level, the vineyards overlook Lake Geneva. In places, the slope is so steep that one wonders if they will not let go. But it is solid, provided by a dozen thousand terraces, themselves supported by 400 km of stone walls.

In Lavaux, besides being winemakers, we are also masons. The first officiated in the eleventh century, clearing the ground before shaping the verticality with great reinforcement of Meillerie stone, hard limestone extracted on the opposite bank (the Haute-Savoie today) and shipped by boat. They had faith: they were Benedictine and Cistercian monks. They signed here a masterpiece, completed by a luxurious exhibition that we strive to preserve.